5 Tips for Amazing Family Vacation Photos

Family vacations are the best!

If you are subscribed to my newsletter, then you would have recently read a great article by Ottawa Travel Expert, Jennifer Loom, where she listed some of the best children-friendly resorts down south. Sign up to be on my mailing list so you don’t miss the next issue. Each month I’m collaborating with Ottawa experts to share their awesome advice on topics that you care about!

Jennifer’s article got me thinking about my own recent family trips and I wanted to share some tips for taking amazing family vacation photos.


1.  Include People – I don’t doubt that the scenery on your vacation is gorgeous, but don’t forget to include the most important part – the people that came with you. When you find a historic monument or a beautiful landscape, include someone in the photo. Also, don’t be afraid to photograph the backs of your family while they enjoy the great scenery.



2. Kid-tographers – Hand your camera over to your kids. You might be surprised what little artists they are. Let them tell the trip from their perspective – it will help them feel like tourists too. If you don’t want them using your fancy camera equipment, consider buying them a cheaper digital camera that they can use. After the trip you can print their images and let them make their own photo album.

**Be sure to sneak a peek later to delete all those close-up of your nose images.



3. Keep it Natural – Fake smiles aren’t fun for anyone. Try and photograph your family naturally discovering new things and places. Get shots of them jumping, exploring and running. It’s even fine if they’re a little grumpy or crying.



4. Get in There – When I look back at a recent summer cottage trip, I had to laugh because based on the photos I took, it looked like my son was there alone the whole time. He was the only one in all the pictures!!

Make sure that you’re in the photo too! These are memories for your children just as much as for you. Your family will treasure the photos that you are also in. Don’t worry if you feel ugly/fat/silly/messy/sunburnt/tired. Take a selfie or ask someone to take the photo. You won’t regret it. I promise.



5. Take a Break – This might go against everything that I just said, but once and a while you should just put your camera down. Enjoy your vacation. Plus your family will appreciate not having a big camera on their face all the time!


Are you taking a vacation with your family this year? Tell me where you’re going!

Do you have your own tips for taking great vacation photos? What are they?

I’d love to hear what you do with your photos after the trip. Photobook? Framed on your walls?


Share your thoughts in the comments section. I love reading each one!

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