Armitage Family Maternity

I was very busy during the fall and winter of 2014 and I didn’t get the chance to blog all the amazing sessions that I took during that time.

Therefore, I decided that every Monday (starting today) I will be posting some of my favourite images from these sessions.

I’ll work my way backwards from December so that the images will slowly get warmer which will hopefully also be the case in real time 🙂

To start this off, I have one of my favourite maternity sessions (wasn’t I just saying how much I love winter maternity photos!)

Kyla sure is one stunning pregnant woman. It was really cold this day but she was a trooper and was open to climbing through the snow whenever I asked and also willing to remove her coat even though it was freezing. It was worth it!

Kyla_Maternity_Blog1Black and White Winter Maternity Portrait at a Christmas Tree FarmKyla_Maternity_Blog3Kyla_Maternity_Blog4Maternity Portrait at a Christmas Tree FarmMaternity Portrait at a Christmas Tree FarmMaternity Portrait at a Christmas Tree Farm, Black and WhiteMaternity Portrait with bow around belly, WinterKyla_Maternity_Blog9

And on January 28, little Adelyn was born. Welcome to the world little princess!


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5 Responses to Armitage Family Maternity

  1. LeeYen says:

    Beautiful pictures and that snow does make it so dreamy 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love the location and how you shot through the trees!

  3. Alyona Oborn says:

    Love all of these. Beautiful lighting and beautiful mama-to-be

  4. Jessica says:

    Love these pictures. Such a beautiful location with the pine trees and snow!

  5. Love how you’ve played with the trees and grasses to frame and add to your shots, just lovely!

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