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Do you have a studio?

My studio is your home or a beautiful outdoor location. So, no, I don’t have a traditional studio.

How long are sessions?

For roughly an hour you will be photographed making funny faces, tickling daddy and snuggling close. Of course there’s flexibility with the session length, especially when children or newborns are involved.

Regardless of the duration of the session, you will always get plenty of photos that you will love.

When is the best time of day for my session?

For outdoor sessions the time of day is so important to create gorgeous light in your photos. You want to avoid when the sun is high in the sky which creates ugly shadows on the face. The best time of day is during the golden hour which is in the evening or early morning when the light is creamy and soft. This time varies during the season but can be as early as 7am and as late as 7pm. I understand that this can be difficult with young children, but I PROMISE that shaking up your routine for one day will be so, so worth it.

Prepare your kids. Bring lots of snacks/water. Bring toys for young ones.

What do we wear?

You are not alone, this is the most commonly asked question! First of all – aim for comfortable. You don’t want to feel anything but awesome during your photoshoot. I always say COORDINATE, but don’t be matchy-matchy. Think complimenting colours. Please please don’t dress everyone in white shirts and jeans. Avoid large brand names scrawled across clothing. Think neutral with some pops of colour. Think TEXTURES, fun, interesting, REAL.

Many clients send me images of their outfit choices and I provide my advice to ensure that your family looks their best.

My kids are camera shy! I look horrible in photos! My husband hates getting his photo taken!

Don’t fret. During your photo session you are encouraged to have fun and be yourself. I have lots of techniques to get kids to smile and dad’s to have fun. Plus I know all the angles and lighting techniques to make you look great.

When should I book my maternity session?

A great time to book is around the 30-34 weeks, but it really depends on the person. You want to be showing enough, but not uncomfortable. That final month of pregnancy can also cause swelling and fatigue so you want to be photographed when you feel awesome and glowing.

When should I book my newborn session?

You will be photographed with your newborn using a lifestyle approach. Normally the session is done in your home – often is the nursery, master bedroom or another well-lit room. Your precious moments shared between your family and your new bundle of joy are captured. This allows some flexibility on how soon the session should take place after the baby is born. I recommend any time before 4 months of age. It also allows flexibility on the time of day that the photos are taken since you will not be in the direct sunlight.

Do you offer photo products?

My goal is for you to display your memories in the form of art. I also value digital images for sharing, making more prints over time and especially for archival purposes. Digitals should be backed-up on hard drives, saved to remote servers (cloud drives) and saved for future generations. They should also be printed, displayed and shared with everyone! CDs and DVDs won’t last forever and hard drive often fail. Don’t let you digitals disappear never to be seen again (sad face).

I offer some gorgeous products such as the reclaimed wood stone prints. They are both unique and eco-friendly, plus they look amazing on your wall. Also, my accordion mini albums are perfect for family gifts and are a great way to show off your beautiful family. Request a Welcome Brochure for more details and pricing.

Why should I print my photos through you when I can go to my local mall for cheaper?

If you are simply printing some gift prints, then go ahead to your local mall. However, for those wall galleries and framed prints I highly recommend professional printing. I regularly calibrate my computer to match my service provider’s printers which ensures that the colours of your photos are exactly as they should be. All my products are printed at the highest quality digital Canadian lab and are custom treated to last a lifetime. I promise, you’ll notice the difference immediately!!

How many images do you guarantee?

Rest assured there will be plenty to fill your walls and albums. Most regular sessions receive around 80-100 images.

How long will it be before I can view my image gallery?

Your images will be ready for viewing about 2-3 weeks after your session. During peak season (Sept to Nov) it may take slightly longer.

Do you photograph weddings

I LOVE weddings… as a guest. I truly believe that hiring a professional wedding photographer is the most important part of your wedding planning (other than maybe the dress). I do not photograph weddings, however I know some amazing Ottawa wedding photographers who I’d LOVE to recommend. So send me an email.

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