Kenny Twins – Newborn Lifestyle Portrait

What’s better than a brand new little tiny bundle of joy? How about TWO of them!

What a great morning I got to spend with these two little cuties. They had to be some of the best babies I have worked with. They were awake for most of the session and were happy to just look around and enjoy their little photo shoot.

And their parents were amazing! It’s not easy being a first-time parent to one baby let alone two. Plus twins can be a handful but Mom and Dad were so relaxed and easy going. These guys are so lucky to have them as parents.

Enjoy the adorableness!

Kenny_Twins_Blog1 Kenny_Twins_Blog2 Kenny_Twins_Blog3 Kenny_Twins_Blog4 Kenny_Twins_Blog5 Kenny_Twins_Blog6 Kenny_Twins_Blog7 Kenny_Twins_Blog8

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