A Mom and her Boys Family Portrait

I’m a mother to a son and I can confirm that there’s something amazing about raising boys. You have the ability to instill in them strong values, teach them how to respect others and make a difference in the world. They are learning from you how to treat women, how to express their emotions and how to be the best they can be.

I absolutely adore photographing moms with their children for many reasons. The first being that we moms need to get in front of the camera more often because our kids want to have those memories when they grow up. Secondly, you mamas are just so darn gorgeous!! You don’t even see it. You’re too busy taking care of the family, cleaning the house, helping with homework… taking over the world! that you don’t always take the time to appreciate yourself. Oh how a mother glows when she’s looking at her kids or getting squishy hugs. and oh how lucky and I to photograph that and provide you with those crazy awesome images.

And the same is still true when those children grow up to be teenagers. They still love getting hugs and having their photo taken with mom – although their teenager rules require them to groan about it and pretend that it’s awful… but we all know that they secretly love every second of the attention.

I smiled the whole time I went through this photo session picking which images I would share on the blog. These boys clearly love their mom so much and they were so great, well-mannered boys during our session that I secretly made a little wish in my head that my son turns out the same.

This session was full of mom hugs, embarrassing mom kisses and typical boy adventures.


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4 Responses to A Mom and her Boys Family Portrait

  1. Lana says:

    Such a wonderful post. The photos are beautiful

  2. Johanne Brown says:

    Kristy you have such talent at finding the perfect moments in your sessions. They elicit everything from quiet, tender moments to real joy. Great photos!

  3. Karen Asselin says:

    Beautiful photos Kristy!

  4. Erica says:

    Such an amazing post, inspiring!

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