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It is time to get your hands dirty in Lightroom

This workshop is for those intimidated by Lightroom or those who just don’t know where to start. Maybe you are self-taught in Lightroom but your gut says you aren’t using the program to its full potential.

This 4-week, intensive workshop covers all the features you need to know in Lightroom to give your photos a clean, consistent, and polished style.

No more guessing how to create a matte black & white look, or how to enhance the sharpness of the eyes in your most recent shot. At the end of this workshop you will not only be able to import and organize images succesfully, but you will be trained how to edit them to their full potential. Kristy is a master at teaching you how to “see” what needs to happen in an edit prior to toying around with all of those editing sliders. Literally, there is no more guess work! Kristy is delighted to share with you her personal workflow process from start to finish. (Can you believe it only takes her two hours to edit a session from top to bottom?)

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