The Now Project February

This month I haven’t been as good at posting images for The Now Project photo challenge. Last month I did much better, probably because it was new and exciting, but this month I just felt a bit overwhelmed with family life – laundry, dinner, cleaning, feedings…. sleeping!

I thought I would do something a little different for this month and I did a storytelling session of my son getting dressed in the morning. I love these types of lifestyle photos because they show people in their natural elements doing regular, everyday activities. I always incorporate this style into the photo sessions I do for my clients whether it be a family session, newborn or maternity.

Now most mornings my son drags his feet when it’s time to get dressed. He’ll slowly pull himself up the stairs complaining the whole time that he’s too tired to get dressed (note that he’s never too tired to eat breakfast or play Legos). Then he’ll throw himself on his bed claiming that he can’t reach his drawers. So I’ll pick out some clothes which he will immediately freak out about because I chose all the wrong clothes that he can’t possibly wear for a number of ridiculous reasons – it doesn’t have superheroes on it, the graphic is on the front and not the back, those socks are too short, those pants are comfortable. And finally I’ll either bribe him with food or threaten to take away Netflix and eventually he’ll end up in clothes that we are both happy with.

Therefore imagine my complete surprise when the one morning that I wanted to photograph our typical morning routine my son clicked into Flash mode and got dressed the fastest I’ve even seen. I was extremely pleased with his efficiency however it did keep me on my toes while I tired to photograph him.

In the end I was happy with the images and so happy to have these images of our regular life to document this moment in time.


**I tired to get a final image of him all dressed looking at the camera, but since he’s the child of a photographer, he hates having his photo taken and refused to “pose” for me.

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